Welcoming Baskets! 

You, Me, We = Oakley! is working to hand out Welcoming Baskets to all newcomers in Oakley, at no cost. Are you an Oakley business interested in participating? Click on the link below. If you would like to receive a Basket, at no cost to you, please click on the link below!

Welcoming Basket Program>>

Sign Welcoming Pledge!

Join other communtiy members in signing Oakley's Welcoming Pledge today! The Pledge can be signed by an individual, a business, or a community group. Share with friends and loved ones to have them sign too!

Read & sign the Pledge >>

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"Heart of Oakley" Festival 

If you are aware of multicultural performers or anyone interested in performing at the City of Oakley's "Heart of Oakley" Festival, please contact the YMWO Program Coordinator or reach out to us through our YMWO Facebook page.